– Idea, Goal, Development and future The Idea

From more than 200,000 years, Human beings are the most interesting creatures on this earth. They built, changed and added a real fingerprint on the planet.

History held millions of stories to tell. Victories, failures, wars, love stories, death, civilization, destructions, innovations, products and outstanding dreams that came true. Technology and learning changed the surface of the earth, things are changing fast and faster. This is the main reason behind The Goal aims to spot everything that made our lives different, everything that had a fingerprint in humanity and record briefly the things that shines and changes the past. Let’s say that we are acting like the historian in a lite digital version with stress to the things that humanity will never forget.

forHistory.comĀ will highlight quotes which have inspired millions of people around the world and give you a sneak preview about the great minds behind those quotes. will provide you with a daily overview for all the major events, news, products and everything between that happened on the earth in all fields. Our goal is to provide an easy-access index for the future generations. Development and Future started from a simple idea and our desire to go beyond sky borders is unlimited and solid. We’ve a vision, dreams and targets to hit.